Crawfish Festival At A Glance


Live Music and Entertainment:  The “Straight from the Bayou” Crawfish Festival has a wonderful line up of famous Cajun, Zydeco and Blues entertainers scheduled to perform during the festival. The great sound of Cajun and Zydeco music will fill the air by day and light up the sky at night allowing you to dance your blues away. The bands will provide the best in down home Cajun entertainment for your enjoyment.      


The Straight from the Bayou Heritage Tent:  As stated by the producers of the Crawfish Festival, a visit to the Heritage Tent will not be disappointing. That’s because it is there where you will learn all there is to know about the true history of Creole, Cajun and Zydeco music, food and culture. See photos, ask questions, and educate yourself on the great tradition of the Crawfish Festival. You may also find all of the official Crawfish Festival memorabilia to take home and enjoy as a souvenir from this unique event. 

The Festival Food Court:  Nothing is more unique to southerners than the delicious taste of crawfish during festival weekend. You will enjoy crawfish prepared in every way imaginable such as fried, boiled and inside Etouffee, bisque, boudin pies and jambalaya. We will offer other Cajun favorites such as shrimp, crab and sausage gumbo. But wait, that’s not all. For those of you who are not fans of crawfish or Cajun foods, we will also offer a wide range of other foods to satisfy your taste like southern foods, seafood and carnival snacks: not to mention a verity of Grand mama’s old fashion deserts.   


The Crawfish Races:  On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! That’s what’s said before the crawfish races begin and a number of crawfish race to the finish line with skillful aid from their registered owners on an eight-foot circular target. The races are open to anyone and the registered owner will enjoy choosing a name for their crawfish before competing for prizes. To pre-register for the Races contact the Festival producer office, Exquisite Impressions Special Events at (702) 898-9968 or email Contestants may also sign up at the Festival Information Booth the morning of the event. 


Cajun & Zydeco Dance Contests:  Put on your dancing shoes and two-step or Cajun waltz over to the stage for the Cajun & Zydeco dance contest. You will compete for prizes as you dance to traditional Cajun and Zydeco Music. The most talented will win prizes as the judges announce the winners.  For more information on the dance contest contact the Festival producer office, Exquisite Impressions Special Events at (702) 898-9968 or email Contestants may also sign up at the Festival Information Booth on the morning of the event.    


The Crawfish Etouffee Cook-Off:  So, think you can dish it out? Then we ask that you register to compete for the title of the 1st Annual “Straight from the Bayou” Crawfish Festival Cook-Off Champion. This is truly a gourmet’s delight. The contest will be noted for great dishes and showmanship displayed by the contestants.  Samples of the food will be available after judges have determined a winner.  We ask that you pre-register prior to the event by contacting the Festivals producer office, Exquisite Impressions Special Events at (702) 898-9968 or email  


Vendor Booths: As you enjoy your day at the Crawfish Festival, please take a moment to stroll down the aisle of our commercial vendor booths. You will see everything from fine art, textiles, clothing, jewelry, and Arts and Crafts. This area will be filled with vendors showcasing unique items, handcrafted products and novelties. As artists, craftsmen and vendors display their products for your shopping enjoyment, you are sure to see many items that will capture your attention as gifts or unique pieces to add to your collection. For more information on the Vendor Booth space, please contact the Festival producer office, Exquisite Impressions Special Events at 702-898-9968 or email to request an application. 


The Crawfish Eating Contest: The crawfish eating contest is one of the highlights of the festival. The event will be judged and measured by the weight of broiled crawfish consumed within fifteen minutes.  Contestants must display dexterity in obtaining the meat from the crawfish as well as a healthy appetite for eating. The Crawfish eating contest is open to the public for everyone who wants to participate. Any person looking to pre-register may contact the festivals producer office, Exquisite Impressions Special Events at 702-898-9968 or email Contestants may also sign up at the Crawfish Festival Information Booth the morning of the Festival. 


The Louisiana Marketplace: The Louisiana Marketplace is where you will find all of your helping hints to prepare a great Louisiana meal such as: seasonings, vegetable, meats, spices and fruit. You will also fine cook books, calendars, posters, postcards, T-shirts, hats, tote-bags, novelties, souvenirs and much more. Let’s just say any and everything will be sold at this Louisiana Market place Tent.  Remember its “Straight from the Bayou”!


The Crawfish Bar and Lounge: Nothing says Louisiana than the taste of signature drinks served by our Bourbon Street Bar and Bartenders.  Yes, you mean the Hand Grenade, the Voo Doo Mo Jo and the Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane? Yes sir! All of this and more will be served to satisfy your taste for New Orleans style beverages.


The Face Painters and Balloon Artist: Children of all ages will enjoy our walk- around Face painters and Balloon Artist as they present them with crawfish theme face paintings and balloon art to take as souvenirs. Yes, these creative entertainers will display the theme of the event as they entertainer children with their artistic talents and craftsmanship to bring smiles to every child attending the “Straight from the Bayou Crawfish Festival”.    


The Festival Information Booth: The “Information Booth” is the location for all guests to receive information on contest, activities and festival business. This will also be the location to report lost and found, problems, concerns and inquiries. All announcements, festival business and security related issues will be addressed at this location during Festival hours.

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